K&K Development 

Audio analyzers

Test and Measuring Systems (audio analyzers)
to analyzing Loudspeaker Units, Loudspeaker Systems, Headphones, Handsets, Micro speakers and Microphones etc..
The systems are optimized to make a fast production line test with powerfully Rub & Buzz detection as well as to use in a laboratory.

K & K Development is specialized in test and measuring systems used for production testing, development of products as loudspeakers units, loudspeaker systems, headphones, telephone handset and microphones.

The product program covers from high performance and high-speed test systems to small low price test systems.
A wide range of parameters can be measured at same time in parallel enabled by multi core processors.

Benefits as System Multiplexing enable to work on 2 different test systems at same time and with a multi chain function a unlimited test sequence is possible.

The software is split in an unskilled operator mode, an engineer setup mode and an R&D engineer mode.
As a return of a test in operator mode an approved / reject or as a full graph will be displayed.
At same time measured data for further statistical analyze can be stored.
Tool to find the golden unit from stored data.

The systems make use of a unique password control and a unique recovery manager.

P630ProV14 a new software version of the P630ProV13. This version have a AI-Mode to auto learn on the fly the placement of upper and lower test reference limits by using an Ai process.

A free working P750 Promotion version.
Use your own sound card and make measurement of
frequency response, impedance and rub & buzz.
Download it here.

Software for outdated test systems as P522, P730Std, P730Pro and P730Pro+ can be downloaded free without use of a licence key.
P522 used under DOS and Win98. P730Std, P730Pro and P730Pro+ used under windows 7 and windows 10. The programs are located under download.

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