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PC platform: Windows XP & Vista
P730 Picro versions:  P730 Pico Pro

P730 Picro Pro+
The P730 Picro consists of  a USB Audio Capture UA-25 or UA-5 and P730 software for Windows XP & Vista. P730 is a fast cost-effective test system with many functions as in P630. P730 Picro use together with the UA-25 or UA-5 a resolution of 24 bit and a sample frequency of 48 kHz.

To complete a P730 as a test system, only an external power amplifier have to be added together with a microphone and a PC.
As optional an external USB Gain Controlled Pre Amplifier with I/O control can be added to enable software controlled input amplification and external control with the system as start test and as return the test results. See USB Pre Amp.

p730 The structure of the software is the same as the P630 & P830 systems.
With a external I/O control as shown on picture the system  become with some powerfully external controls functions.

The P730 Picro system can be used for analysis of the following acoustic test parameters:
Frequency response, sensitivity, polarity, Rub & Buzz, THD, impedance, resonance and F (Fres./Q).

The software is arranged in four modes, an operator mode, a technician mode, a global set-up mode, and a utility mode, which all are protected by passwords (see P630).

The UA-25 and UA-5 has 2 inputs. With input 1 allocated for a microphone and input 2 for impendence. The  P730 Picro can make use of four analyzing channels, one for frequency response, one for impedance and two for distortion / Rub & Buzz. 

P730 Picro Std version is a reduced version of P730 Picro Pro.
Following functions have been removed:
Utility - save measured data - master, compensation and best-fit curves -  t-curve function.
Furthermore there are limitations in the filter functions and sweep time.
External I/O control is not possible to connect in this version.