K&K Development 

Gain Controlled Pre Amplifier (GCA)

This product is a optional support for P730 Picro Pro+ and P830+ and a part of the P740


Purpose for this external box is to enable a fully software control of input sensitivity of 2 separate independent inputs.
Further more a digitally input- and outputs have been installed for fully support for external controls as start and test results.
the I/O have same functions as the P700-IO USB I/O box.
The box is normally powered via the USB connection. As alternative a external DC can be added.
For support for microphones a +48V can be switched on / off for each input.

 No of Inputs: 2
Inputs plugs: XLR with +48V switch on backplane 
Jack without +48V
Output: RCA Channel 1 and Channel 2
Stereo Jack combined Channel 1 & 2    
I/O:   8 TTL input and outputs
Ref. Voltage: Build-in 0.5 Volt rms approx 1 KHz
P730 input:  3.16 mV to 10 Volt for full scale (+50 db to -20 db)
Input:    Self calibrating offset and gain
Optional DC: External 6-12 Volt DC. Plug 2.1 mm center negative.

Installation Manual