K&K Development 


Company relations

K & K International ApS
1993 - The Company was establish in the end of 1993 with a location in City of Ballerup not far away from Copenhagen.
1995 - K & K International moved to a new and bigger location in the middle of 1995 to the City of Glostrup.
2000 - All new development activities are transferred to Kockbi Development ApS.
2010 - K & K International is changed to an invest/capital company. All activities are transferred to K & K Development ApS.
2013 - K & K International moved to a new location in the city of Glostrup.
K & K Development ApS
2000 - The Company Kockbi Development ApS was founded.
2009 - The K & K development ApS was registered as a brand name to Kockbi Development.
2010 - All sale service and productions activities in K & K International was transferred to K & K Development.
2013 - K & K Development moved to a new location in the city of Glostrup.


1993 - Introduction of P500.
1994 - P520 was introduced. The P520 make use of the P500 hardware.
1998 - P521, P521 Light & P521 Micro was introduced.
2001 - P522, P522 Light & P522 Micro was introduced.
2002 - P530, P530 Light & P530 Micro was introduced.
2003 - P730 Picro was introduced.
2005 - P630 version 1.0 was introduced.
2005 - P830 Picro was introduced.
2006 - P630 version 1.1 was introduced.
2006 - GCA was introduced.
2007 - P630 Pro version 1.2 was introduced together with the P630 Std.
2008 - P630 Light version 1.2 was introduced.
2009 - P630 Pro, P630 Std & P630 Light version 1.3 was introduced.
2013 - P630 Pro, P630 Std & P630 Light 64 bit verson was introduced.
2014 - P740 was introduced end on Januray. P740 make use of 2 USB powered boxes.
2014 - P750 was introduced. P750 have a phantom powered XLR input and with a build-in PA. P750 use USB high speed.
2018 - P750 Promotion was introduced.
2019 - P760std was introduced.
2020 - P630 Pro version 1.4 was introduced with Ai reference corrections.
2021 - P900 was introduced.

K & K Development market Acoustic Test Equipment for the loudspeaker industry, manufactures of headphones, telephone handsets and microphones.
The main products are the acoustic analyzers P630 and P900.

The P630 and the older systems P530 and P522 which has been designed for Quality Control in the high-volume production testing segment consists of a 19" box, a number of PC cards, the software, and various cables. P630 & P530 are a 32-bit version of P522.

The predecessor to the P500, the Ortofon P400 that was introduced in 1983, was also traded, based on availability, and was serviced through K & K International.

P530 Micro & P522 Micro was a discount version of the P530LT & P522LT. P530LT & P522LT was low-price version of the P530 & P522 with fewer hardware components and with a lower performance.

The low price P730 Picro test system was introduced in end of 2003.The P830 system was introduced in 2005.

In 2007 the P630 become in 2 versions the P630 Pro and the P630 Std.

In 2008 the P630 Light system was introduced. The main products was developed and designed based on the virtues of the Ortofon P400, which for a decade has been the weapon of choice for high-speed and high-volume Quality Control.

Through a management buy-out in 1994 all rights and activities of the P500 was transferred from Ortofon to K & K International. The production of the P400 has ceased some years ago and since May 1997 all service support and repair on this Ortofon equipment is the responsibility of K & K International as well. This service of P400 was stopped in 2004.

Location of the company

The main office is situated in the industrial district of Glostrup, Denmark.