K&K Development 


PC platform: Windows 10

Supported USB Sound System: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Komplete Audio 6

Copy and paste the code as pure text to a e-mail and send the code to kk-dev@kk-int.dk.
Note the code must be generated on the PC you want to use the program on. (the serial number of you hd is a part of the code)
We need the the code - your name and address - if so we generate a unlock code to and e-mail it to you.

Have a good time to play with the system

P760Std is software for test and measurement on loudspeakers. The software work without any hardware in a demo mode. First then activated it need use of hardware.
To make a test system complete following hardware are needed: USB Audio System, a power amplifier and a microphone. For impedance measurement a external sense resistor is nedded.

It system test parameters as frequency response, sensitivity, polarity, Rub & Buzz, THD, impedance, resonance, Qms, Qts and F (Fres/Q). Each test data from the measurements are saved for future statistics and post-processing. P760Std can test wireless speakers by using a sync burst pulse to compensate delays in signal chain.

The software is arranged in four modes, an operator mode, a technician mode, a global set-up mode, and a utility mode, which all are protected by passwords.

The operator mode is for day-to-day production testing of parameters alfaready set-up in the technician mode. This mode is specially designed for non skilled personnel or for fully automated operations.
In the technician mode all parameters as frequency range, test level, reference curves limits, Rub & Buzz and THD filters etc. are customized to the specific requirements for each individual test.
In the global set-up the graphical presentation, test control, paths for files, chain of tests, statistics etc. are defined in the global set-up the graphical presentation, test control, paths for files, chain of tests, statistics etc. are defined.
For post-processing and manipulation of stored data there are a number of Utility functions as Export and Import of data, Statistical analysis and graphical display of batch data etc. The statistical analysis including calculation of various numbers of standard deviation and average curves to determine the test limits. The analysis is able to find a best matched measured unit against the average or another unit.

P760Std can do following test parameters: 

Frequency response against upper / lower limits Impedance against upper / lower limits Resonance  
Sensitivity against upper / lower limits with move option   Rub & Buzz / THD channel B against upper / lower limits  Qms 
Polarity   Rub & Buzz / THD channel D against upper / lower limits  Qts  
F (Fres./Q)       

Basic specifications:

Analyzing channels: 4 primary Test points:      125 - 500
Sweep frequency: 10 Hz – 30 KHz Sweep time:    2 – 32 sec. (< 100 Hz 3-32 sec.)
Filters: 2 Filter frequency range: 20 Hz – 45 KHz
Filter types: TRK-HP, FIX-HP Detector modes: Lin, Log