K&K Development 


PC platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7.

The P740 consists of  a USB Data Interface P740-DAQ a USB Gain Controlled pre-Amplifier P740-GCA and P740 software. The P740-DAQ has a build-in current sense resistor to be connected to an external power amplifier to enable impedance measurement.  The P740-GCA has a build-in 48 Volt supply for phantom powered microphones. P740 is a fast cost-effective test system with many functions as in P630. The P740 software is a modified P730 Picro Pro+ software. P740-DAQ has a resolution of 24 bit and a sample frequency of 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 kHz, however the default samplate rate for the P740 software is 96 kHz.
To complete a P740 as a test system, only an external power amplifier have to be added together with a microphone and a PC.

 P740     The structure of the software is the same as the P630, P730 & P830 systems.

The P740 system can be used for analysis of the following acoustic test parameters:
Frequency response, sensitivity, polarity, Rub & Buzz, THD, impedance, resonance and F (Fres./Q).

The software is arranged in four modes, an operator mode, a technician mode, a global set-up mode, and a utility mode, which all are protected by passwords (see P630).

The CGA has 2 inputs. With input 1 allocated for a microphone and input 2 for impendence. The  P740 can make use of four analyzing channels, one for frequency response, one for impedance and two for distortion / Rub & Buzz.