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P760Std software License
The licence is for 1 (one) Pc

Price 350 EUR.
Locally VAT and taxes may be added

Software for Windows 10


P750 Unit: (excluding PC and microphone)

19" Rack Unit 2 unit hight
      Primary Input on front: XLR with software selected phantompower of +48 volt.
      Secondary Input on rear: Jack 6.3 mm. (only used if build-in PA is disabled)
      Speakon PA outpot on front: 14 Volt build-in Output Amplifier Type-1 (50 VA core) or Type-2 (120VA core).
      Line output on rear: Jack 6.3 mm.  
      Digital I/O on rear DB25. 8 x in and 8 x output TTL level.
      USB 2.0 high speed (480 MHz) on rear.

Software for Windows 10 & Windows 7                                 Contact kk-dev@kk-int.dk for price info


P630 Basic Unit: (excluding PC and microphones)

19" Rack Unit including (P600 rack):
      1 x XLR Input Module (P600-IN1), Output Module for Impedance (P600-OUT)
      15 Volt Output Amplifier (P600-PA), I/O Module and Input Multiplexer (P600-IO)
      System Power supply (P600-PSU1)
PC boards:
      P600 IO Controller (P600-IO24)
      Data Acquisition Sound System (P600-M4)
External key box (P600-KEY)
Software for Windows 10, Windows 7

P630 Pro:
P630 Basic Unit & P630 Pro software for PC                                         Contact kk-dev@kk-int.dk for price info